5 Steps On How To Make A Woman To Be Faithful To You Forever

When you get a good woman you do not need a prophet to tell you, little wonder why they say he who finds a woman finds a good thing and favour from God.

You have gotten her already, i have just some few things you need to do to make her faithful to you for life. These are:

1. Show her money:

As your woman she knows when you are buoyant financially or otherwise.
It is not a matter of the woman loving you because of money here.

You need to shower her with unexpected gifts, shopping and take her out for either lunch, dinner or whichever you choose even if it is once in a while.

Even if you are not loved because of money doesn't mean you should not show it to her once in a while, don't take her understanding for granted.

2. Give her good sex

Yes i said so. But hey! Definition of good sex differs from one woman to another.

To some it is short and sharp and to others it is long till climax is reached.
To some they need to be serviced often and to some probably like 4-10  times in a month meanwhile at times it is just to even satisfy you the man.

The quality of sex differs from one man to another that it is only those involved that knows how it is for them, so it is important that the man understand how qualitative the wife desires in their sex life.

3. Spent quality time with her

If you think you must make money 24/7 so that you can keep your woman, you might be right but just know that the money you make will go a long way to make her pay for what ever she desires in you that you are not available to give her.

Money is important but the time too with her is very essential. She needs to gist with you, play with you(some women are cat you know?) and express her feeling with you. There are decisions she wishes to take but needs you to share them with for advice.

She will be more than single if you are not giving her this opportunity to stretch her wings.

4. Appreciate her even when she is wrong

We are humans and bound to make errors, be appreciative when she goes wrong.

Her food is salty today, still say thank you that she was even able to cook it because it is not always like that, there are moment of errors, condemning her when she makes mistakes is like saying she is not human.

Appreciating her when she is is wrong makes her to always want to do it right to keep you.

5. Give her some free moment

You love her, we know you do, but it is necessary you let her go out to socialize with friends and family once in a while remember before you she had them and most of them will still be there after you are gone and whatever you allow her do with them when you are available will go a long way at smiling back at you in your absence.

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Don't be selfish, let her feel the other love that is completely different from that of two coming together to become one.

Women deserves to be treated like baby, even if you go through hardship to secure quality living for her and all she do is to sit home all day long, she deserves to be treated like a queen.

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