Anger Can Ruin Relationship

Anger is something that is part of human existence.
So many things and so many people can get you angry but you need to learn to control your reaction towards the annoyance.

As i earlier said that anger is part of life, it is one of those things that makes human to be human.

In fact, every man posses the trait of anger even a child
At a point in time, one's spouse might get one to be angry but it is a must one learn not to over react so as not to make the situation worsen.

You shouldn't expect that someone you love, someone you cherish, someone that all your life evolve around will not get you angry.

In such case, all you need to do is to just keep calm as your annoyance may even cause you to say what you shouldn't have said to your spouse or partner.

When you are angry your system will not recognise anyone especially if the cause of the anger is from the one you love

The best thing to do when you are angry is to think about your good times with your spouse. This will make you overcome the anger if the person that caused the anger is not helping you to get over it either by begging, petting or any other way.

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Also, you must learn to give your spouse some breathing space when he or she is angry.
We are humans, we are meant to be angry at one point or the other. If you try all your best possible to ease him or her of the anger and all is proving abortive, just try giving them little time to be alone.

At times, when you are trying to make him or her get over the anger, it just gets aggravated which may lead to an unwanted and unexpected reaction.

There are some people that are naturally prone to anger and can do anything strange when they are angry. Once you know that your spouse falls in that category, just make sure you leave them to themselves once they are angry

This kind of people, there is nothing you can do to ease them of the anger, it will just be like adding petrol to fire.

This kind of people will calm down when the time is due. In fact, they will feel ease with your disappearance which will make them calm down. They will come to you themselves after they might have regained peace within themselves.

Learn to know your partner more when he or she is angry so as to know your reaction towards making them feel at ease especially during their negative mood.

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Learn to know what makes him or her angry and try as best as possible to get him/her over the anger.

Learn not to over-react when you are angry if you cherish your relationship /home so as not to make your relationship short-lived, as it has caused death in some homes and unnecessary divorce in some other homes as well
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