Facts In A Relationship:

This is the real truth. Before the relationship starts, every serious woman is afraid that she will be jilted immediately after the intercourse by the man as they think that is the usual trend of guys all over. Some might just recovered from a break-up as a result of this same issue and trying to pick themselves up.

This is the reason some women pull back when it comes to pre-marital sex, please don't blame them, they might have gone through a lot.

This feeling that you will run after you have reached apex become so glaring after she has allowed you inside her because that moment the trust she has in you will be refreshed, it will be as if you didn't plan anything about the future of the relationship with her. This is why some guys are careful at this period as whatever you do to her at this period will count for/against you.

It is not true that men starts misbehaving after the first love making, it is just the fear at work. That fear makes whatever the man does to be imperfect and sign of him not interested in you anymore. If you don't know, he knows you will be having several thought in you after you both have expressed your love to each other, so he tries to be so open for you to see every of him that period, but no matter how hard he tries you will still find reason to think he will soon disappear

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Though some men are like that, this is why you also must be sharp and never let an unserious man outsmart you. The moment you are determined to collect his money or make him spend his money on you; just be prepared for the worst as the only thing he can collect in reciprocation of his kind gestures is "you".

The fact is that when you make it so obvious to any man you are interested in his money, he knows what and who you are already and will want to do a fast play on you. He will be afraid something will come up that will not make him share of your honey well, so he will look for all means to get you.

Know this certainly that a man you made to detect that you are interested in his wealth will never respect you as a woman and this is the kind of man that disappears immediately after the first intercourse

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Define what you want and try as best as possible to work towards it, never derail because of anything so as not to regret. If you respect yourself men will also respect you, don't let your demands be abnormal so that he will not do the abnormal with you

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