Play Not With The Feelings Of A Woman That Loves You

Unlike the men, when a woman loves you she is committed to you whole-heartedly, she is ready to go  any length just for you alone.

When she loves you, no matter the circumstances, she will always stay with you because the love is unconditional in the first place.

It is not in the amount of money you have nor your looks and neither is it the size of your manhood.

You find out that even in your weakness they find strength, and they do all it takes to keep you to themselves alone not minding the cost.

The only condition for this kind of woman is for the man to stay completely loyal in order not to provoke her loyalty.

This kind of woman can also go any length to destroy any man once they notice his disloyalty

They don't care if what they will do to him will lead to eternal poverty for their family, all they know is that when you don't have the resources to maintain the relationship you are building with those ladies outside your marriage you will stop messing around

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Especially when she was completely supportive when there was nothing till you conquered nothingness.
In short, they are capable of killing you if proper steps are not taken, she doesn't know when she is reacting but her eyes will be crystal clear after the result.

It is better to just stay loyal to a loving wife except if agreed otherwise due to reasons best known to you.

If it is a curse for you to run after other girls it is advisable you are smart about it, the day she out smart you is the end because a woman that don't even care about what you do outside your relationship can destroy you let alone the one that is completely devoted

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Accepted that she will only have to cope with your mistake in case you put a woman in the family way, but it will not be easy to calm her to accept the reality.
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