Reasons You Lose Interest In Your Relationships So Easily

I read about relationship issues and get questions in some of the forums. I get questions like why is it that i get tired of my relationship so fast and the likes.

I realize those asking this kind of question are majorly the teenagers and i am always like what do you expect from a relationship you start when you don't know what relationship is all about and when you don't even know what you want.

It will be fine if as the female you have not let go half of you with the guy before you call it off as the guy will count that as achievement.

You really must know what you want in your partner which he/she must possess plenty of them if not all, having at the back of your mind that your partner cannot be perfect just as you are not..

When you are young, you can only judge base on the appearance, meanwhile, relationship goes beyond just the appearance. And at times, you go for him or her because maybe he/she is outspoken, wear latest designers and so on. Though some adults still make this same mistake. How much more you!

The relationship into which you are and that you are not proud of, or you cannot open up to one of your parent's or your elder siblings you are into cannot even see the day light because the fear of it being revealed is even big enough to scatter the relationship.

The greatest and last of the reasons among people is that when you are in a relationship at a tender age, the emotion is not really attached and no sense of responsibility, so, the two are free to still mingle and can easily be distracted by another who possess the attribute of that person you are in a relationship with and also with another person who gives you little attention.

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So you shouldn't worry when you are experiencing loss of interest in your relationship when you are still so young, it is normal as you will get to the real one soon. So it is advisable to keep off completely at this stage.

For an adult, after love making, all the interest disappears, this is common among male. This is why those that victim of love most times are the female.

Also, you lose interest easily and early simply because you think relationship is not as important as people make it look. You place your career far beyond the relationship.

The truth is that when you do not also accord some concentration to your relationship it will definitely affect your feelings once in a while which will even make your lover get tired as you will not give it the all it deserves.

Don't think i am talking about sex, relationship isn't always about sex; the time, the talk, the bond wouldn't be as strong as it should be simply because you place your career so much over it.

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Relationship deals with emotion and the mind, if you don't think of nuturing it, it will die a sudden death, this is why you lose it so fast.

I will recommend you achieve what you set your mind at first before you think of relationship if you cannot put different emotional things in your mind at the same time, stop causing people emotional trauma because you wouldn't feel like they feel.
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