Happy couple

1] Bring his family and friends close.

2] Every man needs a prayerful woman.

3] Let him be the man.

4] Remember he needs a second mother from you.

5] Be patient, men are like kids.

6] Always look attractive because it is very important.

7] Smell nice

8] Be ready to build with him

9] Don't ever compare him with other men.
10] Encourage him, every woman has that charm......use it.

11] Get close to his mum. Men love their mothers so much.

12] Love and respect the king, him.

13] Men can forgive everything but not a cheating spouse.

14] Keep track records of his schedules and remind him.

15] Be submissive and forgive always.

16] Support his dreams and be his number 1 fan.

17 ] Discover his favorite meal.

18] Know how to cook, if u don't please 
learn it before coming in as a wife.

19] And don't forget to satisfy him in the other room.

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