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May 03, 2018
Happy couple

1] Bring his family and friends close.

2] Every man needs a prayerful woman.

3] Let him be the man.

4] Remember he needs a second mother from you.

5] Be patient, men are like kids.

6] Always look attractive because it is very important.

7] Smell nice

8] Be ready to build with him

9] Don't ever compare him with other men.
10] Encourage him, every woman has that charm......use it.

11] Get close to his mum. Men love their mothers so much.

12] Love and respect the king, him.

13] Men can forgive everything but not a cheating spouse.

14] Keep track records of his schedules and remind him.

15] Be submissive and forgive always.

16] Support his dreams and be his number 1 fan.

17 ] Discover his favorite meal.

18] Know how to cook, if u don't please 
learn it before coming in as a wife.

19] And don't forget to satisfy him in the other room.

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April 30, 2018
Cherish your woman.....

You met a lady and you both fell in love..Months pass by and you're still going strong then she gets attached, calls you all the time, double texts you, makes you her WhatsApp profile picture, she sleeps over at your house whenever you ask her to, she takes you to movies with her own money, she does everything to make you HAPPY.. Later, she starts hearing rumours, she confronts you and you deny (as usual).

She catches you with different girls. You apologise and she forgives you because she loves you. She starts to be skeptical about herself, starts feeling like she is not enough for you, she is not beautiful enough, you cheat time and time again, she tries fighting for the relationship but she realizes that she is fighting alone

She walks away and you don't even try stopping her because 900+ likes means you can get any girl you want.. Months later, you are in a relationship with a new lady that is more beautiful, more curvy than her.. You take cute pictures and you start posting them with cute captions. She finds out and it broke her because you have never posted her pictures nor made her your WhatsApp Dp before...

"She is still trying to get over you"...

Your new girl cheats on you, so you walk away and move from relationship to relationship..unfortunately, they don't just happen over night.. You then realize that she is the only girl that has ever loved you 100%... the only girl that had your back..Your RIDE or DIE..

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You try messaging her and she blocked your whatsap line because seeing your pictures with that girl breaks her.

One day, while at the mall, you bump into her and she is still beautiful and you decide to talk to her, to tell her you are sorry and try to fix things, but a gentleman shows up and holds her hand. She tells you it's her man and they came to celebrate their one year anniversary.

By then you'll realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars.


Men cherish what you've got and be satisfied.

Try This When Your Relationship Is Not Going As Expected- The importance of Communication...

April 30, 2018
The importance of communication....

Many people will advise you to drop any relationship that you seem not to understand its direction anymore forgetting that in all human endeavors, we tend to face difficulty but we do all we can to get the issue resolved.

Relationship is one small but mighty issue among human as it has led to the down fall of great men and rise to fame for many others, this alone is enough to determine the extremity of relationship, hence, counseling someone in relationship requires one acting/putting him/herself in the other person's shoes in order to understand better before giving any advice.

When you don't seem to understand where the ship of your relationship is heading to, you need to be sure if you are still in control or not

you have tried all best possible to put your partner to test when you observe the change in attitude but all proved abortive.

The only thing needed after all other things have been done to either move the relationship forward or to put an end in order to move on is "communication".

Communication here is not just the talking part of it but the facial expression also. This is because most times, the words that come out of our mouth are so deceptive and this will always be in war with our facial expression. For someone who can read the lips and the expression, you will always know the truth when you weigh the two means of communication together

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When you have tried every other thing to make a relationship that is at the verge of breakup to work and it is still shaking, all you need to do at this stage is physical discussion (communication). Communication is very vital when it comes to handling relationship, you don't need to kill yourself in silence thinking everything is alright when your partner is busy test running, disclosing your mind will bring about the other person revealing some other hidden secrets too.

At the point of communication, you don't just need to listen but to also watch the expression behind every word as the expression even speaks volume than the words

Never be afraid of the outcome of the discussion as it is for your good if you truly know what you want. At the end of it all and after deep thought, you will understand better and will be able to make the perfect decision

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When To Walk Away From Your Relationship

November 28, 2017

Physical abuse

if your partner is physically hurting or abusing you continuously without repenting, then you should leave that relationship while you still have the means to do so because your life and your mental health is on the line. There is no excuse for physical abuse. When there is physical and mental abuse in a relationship, then that relationship is heading for destruction.


Addiction is a real mental health issue and it should never be taken lightly. If your partner is struggling with an addiction, then advise him or her to get professional help immediately because your partner may drag you down with them. But if they refuse, then that is a sign that they don’t want to be helped.

Too much lie and deceit  

There should always be a healthy practice of openness and honesty in a relationship. When you notice that your partner is constantly hiding things from you, confront them and make them see reasons your relationship has to be based on trust. If they refuse to change, then it is time to leave that relationship because you can never know where you stand with a liar and a deceiver.


A relationship can never be sustainable if there are consistent cases of cheating. Being in a relationship requires a lot of commitment, dedication, and loyalty to a single person and to a single relationship. If your partner keeps cheating on you, it only shows that he doesn’t regard you. If he or she doesn’t make an effort to map out your lives together, then your relationship isn’t going anywhere.

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You always argue

You keep arguing about the same things over and over again. You can never seem to come to a resolution or conclusion on important issues and so you have the same fights constantly.  If your partner is not willing to budge and compromise, then you two are not meant to be together.

No respect

Relationship is always built on a foundation of mutual respect. There is no way you will have a functional relationship with one another if you don’t respect each other. If your partner doesn’t respect you in any way, that only means that he or she doesn’t love you.  You respect whom you love.

Less communication

Communication has the power to fix a lot of problems in a relationship. When a couple is always willing to talk to each other, then the couple maintains an open mind about love and life. However, when there is no communication in a relationship, then there is also no emotional connection there anymore.

Your partner is selfish

If your partner is overly selfish, then there is a need to have a rethink about your relationship. Relationships are a give-and-take kind of situation, you always have to be thinking about the welfare of your partner and of the relationship. If your partner only thinks about his or herself, that relationship won’t last long.

No talk about the future

You have to be able to discuss the future of your relationship as a couple. If your partner always avoid talking about his or her future with you, that means they don’t see you in it. Instead of wasting your time and efforts, you should walk out of that relationship, because only then will you meet someone who wants you in their life.

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You’ve grown apart

According to, when you start struggling to have a meaningful conversation with your partner, that is a signal that you both need to work on your relationship. But when you realise that you have grown apart and want different things in life, then it is time to walk away. Although it is not easy, but it is better to have a more fulfilled life.

It’s not a partnership

A relationship should be balanced with each partner supporting and being there for each other no matter what. If your partner requires you to be there for them all the time when they need you but are never there when you need them, then you should probably start thinking about moving on
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When You Maltreat Your Woman, She Becomes Available To Other Men

November 25, 2017

You think it is only when you beat a woman that you maltreat her?

There are so many ways you can be maltreating your woman which includes lack of care, not spending time with her, not fulfilling her desires either sexually or outside it and so on.

The truth is that the more you maltreat her the more you show her the way to the arms of other men out there who are ready to give her multiple of what you are denying her of.

Many women can only endure hardship for a while, they can be manipulated easily, for this alone you as a man needs to be up and doing.

Do you know how hard they try to resist the temptation that comes their way? Let me even put it this way; do you know many men are dying to get just a minute of her time? and do you know there are those ones dreaming to have her in their bed or those even saying it to her that they are ready to give her whatever she want if she can grant them entry into her most sacred part?

I bet you, you wouldn't know how much it hurts to see your woman moan in response to sexual pleasure under another man.

If she is trying all she can to resist the temptations staring at her face which other women out there cannot resist and you cannot still deem it fit to be all she deserves then you need to really check yourself.

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Every good woman deserves to be cared for and mostly should share little of your time with you

This is why i usually say that even if you are as busy as the president of a state you should try to make out time to be with your woman.

Money isn't everything you know? Apart from fulfilling your financial duties she also deserves to be cuddled and be listened to.

Remember that social networks now make it easier for you to get other people's attention, don't let the disadvantages of social media ruin your home as someone else might be giving her the attention she is lacking from you which might catapult to something deeper.

A woman who is shown care and all is still finding her way into other men...let alone the one you are battering or not giving little of your time just to put smiles on her face.

The truth is that she will soon find a place to hide and it will be in the arms of another gentle man who knows the worth of a good woman

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The truth is that you are the one that will regret it as you will not find someone like her.
They use to say it is only God that is not replaceable, humans can be replaced. I bet you, in this case when it gets to that stage when a good woman have to leave you for another man, you will find her type to no avail.

Women also understand situations most times but not when you want to take them for granted.

If you think you deserve to be happy in your home... consider making her as happy as possible
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Let your marriage bring out the best in your children

November 19, 2017

Whoever said marriage is a school is absolutely right….ensuring that the children are taught the right curriculum must be high on every parent’s priority list. Below is the list to be recognized.

Happy Family

Share responsibilities

More women today are working to  supplement their husbands’ incomes and that certainly means multitasking as wives and mothers too. One of the most important elements of a good marriage is the ability to jointly take up certain responsibilities within and outside the home even if you are the breadwinner in the family. When you teach your children that men and women can share tasks freely, they will be receptive towards the other sex and will grow up to become responsible adults in their own marriages too.

Show appreciation

As parents, it is possible to get too consumed in the hustles and bustles of life. The desire to fulfil your goals and aspirations can often take its toll on your ability to find the reasons to show appreciation to one another as a couple. Children learn the act of gratitude first and foremost from their parents and the more you both openly appreciate your individual and joint efforts as parents in front of your children, gratitude becomes a tradition at home and a way of life thereafter.

Express love openly

One of the most important reasons why couples get married is because they love each other and the love relationship is often what brings the children into the equation. When you both become parents, the love can only grow stronger. The most important value you can give your children in your marriage is to love one another and this can only be understood when you love yourselves first as a couple.

You must endeavour to express your love for each other openly and not allow your children to replace the love within your marriage. When you show affection for one another, it gives your children a sense of security and a good understanding of how to build a great marital relationship in their adult life. Nevertheless, children raised within a loveless marriage also have the tendency to take hostility into their adult life too

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Have fun together

In your very hectic lives, having fun together as a family may seem rather impossible but when you put your family first, everything else will find its rightful place. Children love to be happy and creating time to do fun things together is a great way to show them love and also teach them the importance of putting their own families first too.
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5 Steps On How To Make A Woman To Be Faithful To You Forever

October 31, 2017

When you get a good woman you do not need a prophet to tell you, little wonder why they say he who finds a woman finds a good thing and favour from God.

You have gotten her already, i have just some few things you need to do to make her faithful to you for life. These are:

1. Show her money:

As your woman she knows when you are buoyant financially or otherwise.
It is not a matter of the woman loving you because of money here.

You need to shower her with unexpected gifts, shopping and take her out for either lunch, dinner or whichever you choose even if it is once in a while.

Even if you are not loved because of money doesn't mean you should not show it to her once in a while, don't take her understanding for granted.

2. Give her good sex

Yes i said so. But hey! Definition of good sex differs from one woman to another.

To some it is short and sharp and to others it is long till climax is reached.
To some they need to be serviced often and to some probably like 4-10  times in a month meanwhile at times it is just to even satisfy you the man.

The quality of sex differs from one man to another that it is only those involved that knows how it is for them, so it is important that the man understand how qualitative the wife desires in their sex life.

3. Spent quality time with her

If you think you must make money 24/7 so that you can keep your woman, you might be right but just know that the money you make will go a long way to make her pay for what ever she desires in you that you are not available to give her.

Money is important but the time too with her is very essential. She needs to gist with you, play with you(some women are cat you know?) and express her feeling with you. There are decisions she wishes to take but needs you to share them with for advice.

She will be more than single if you are not giving her this opportunity to stretch her wings.

4. Appreciate her even when she is wrong

We are humans and bound to make errors, be appreciative when she goes wrong.

Her food is salty today, still say thank you that she was even able to cook it because it is not always like that, there are moment of errors, condemning her when she makes mistakes is like saying she is not human.

Appreciating her when she is is wrong makes her to always want to do it right to keep you.

5. Give her some free moment

You love her, we know you do, but it is necessary you let her go out to socialize with friends and family once in a while remember before you she had them and most of them will still be there after you are gone and whatever you allow her do with them when you are available will go a long way at smiling back at you in your absence.

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Don't be selfish, let her feel the other love that is completely different from that of two coming together to become one.

Women deserves to be treated like baby, even if you go through hardship to secure quality living for her and all she do is to sit home all day long, she deserves to be treated like a queen.

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Reasons You Lose Interest In Your Relationships So Easily

October 24, 2017

I read about relationship issues and get questions in some of the forums. I get questions like why is it that i get tired of my relationship so fast and the likes.

I realize those asking this kind of question are majorly the teenagers and i am always like what do you expect from a relationship you start when you don't know what relationship is all about and when you don't even know what you want.

It will be fine if as the female you have not let go half of you with the guy before you call it off as the guy will count that as achievement.

You really must know what you want in your partner which he/she must possess plenty of them if not all, having at the back of your mind that your partner cannot be perfect just as you are not..

When you are young, you can only judge base on the appearance, meanwhile, relationship goes beyond just the appearance. And at times, you go for him or her because maybe he/she is outspoken, wear latest designers and so on. Though some adults still make this same mistake. How much more you!

The relationship into which you are and that you are not proud of, or you cannot open up to one of your parent's or your elder siblings you are into cannot even see the day light because the fear of it being revealed is even big enough to scatter the relationship.

The greatest and last of the reasons among people is that when you are in a relationship at a tender age, the emotion is not really attached and no sense of responsibility, so, the two are free to still mingle and can easily be distracted by another who possess the attribute of that person you are in a relationship with and also with another person who gives you little attention.

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So you shouldn't worry when you are experiencing loss of interest in your relationship when you are still so young, it is normal as you will get to the real one soon. So it is advisable to keep off completely at this stage.

For an adult, after love making, all the interest disappears, this is common among male. This is why those that victim of love most times are the female.

Also, you lose interest easily and early simply because you think relationship is not as important as people make it look. You place your career far beyond the relationship.

The truth is that when you do not also accord some concentration to your relationship it will definitely affect your feelings once in a while which will even make your lover get tired as you will not give it the all it deserves.

Don't think i am talking about sex, relationship isn't always about sex; the time, the talk, the bond wouldn't be as strong as it should be simply because you place your career so much over it.

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Relationship deals with emotion and the mind, if you don't think of nuturing it, it will die a sudden death, this is why you lose it so fast.

I will recommend you achieve what you set your mind at first before you think of relationship if you cannot put different emotional things in your mind at the same time, stop causing people emotional trauma because you wouldn't feel like they feel.
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What The 21st Century Woman Wants

October 24, 2017

For decades a woman's success was defined by her marriage and ability to reproduce {especially male children} and for years this was how a woman's achievement was measured, but over the years the female mindset is transforming from a simple housewife to that of a career woman.

 In recent times, she beg to differ from the expectations and roles that have been placed on her by the society to be a good woman, tolerate her partner's excesses, to endure marriage rather than enjoy it, produce a male child, be a loyal wife to an unfaithful husband, and be modest not talk back at her husband.

The contemporary woman seeks success in every aspect of her life, and refuse to settle for less therefore works hard to redefine herself in the society. When it comes to setting of goals and it's achievement she has no boundaries, and works hard to achieve a perfect balance between family life and career because she wants access to the most priceless things of life.

She wants equality, and desires to be treated with respect as a man. She wants her opinion heard and considered not overruled, and doesn't want to be considered  incapable of a task because of her gender

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The 21st century woman loves her freedom and is willing to figure out her path and prefers to complete a task on her own. She likes being independent therefore doesn't ask or wait for help. she hates being a liability, and works hard to provide for herself. Crave freedom to try out new things without criticism.

The issue is the 21st century woman wants to be considered smart, and not associated with dumb actions or statement. She desires to be treated equal in the society given same right as the man, and not restricted from taking part in some task or activities because of her gender
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Facts In A Relationship:

October 20, 2017

This is the real truth. Before the relationship starts, every serious woman is afraid that she will be jilted immediately after the intercourse by the man as they think that is the usual trend of guys all over. Some might just recovered from a break-up as a result of this same issue and trying to pick themselves up.

This is the reason some women pull back when it comes to pre-marital sex, please don't blame them, they might have gone through a lot.

This feeling that you will run after you have reached apex become so glaring after she has allowed you inside her because that moment the trust she has in you will be refreshed, it will be as if you didn't plan anything about the future of the relationship with her. This is why some guys are careful at this period as whatever you do to her at this period will count for/against you.

It is not true that men starts misbehaving after the first love making, it is just the fear at work. That fear makes whatever the man does to be imperfect and sign of him not interested in you anymore. If you don't know, he knows you will be having several thought in you after you both have expressed your love to each other, so he tries to be so open for you to see every of him that period, but no matter how hard he tries you will still find reason to think he will soon disappear

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Though some men are like that, this is why you also must be sharp and never let an unserious man outsmart you. The moment you are determined to collect his money or make him spend his money on you; just be prepared for the worst as the only thing he can collect in reciprocation of his kind gestures is "you".

The fact is that when you make it so obvious to any man you are interested in his money, he knows what and who you are already and will want to do a fast play on you. He will be afraid something will come up that will not make him share of your honey well, so he will look for all means to get you.

Know this certainly that a man you made to detect that you are interested in his wealth will never respect you as a woman and this is the kind of man that disappears immediately after the first intercourse

See: Reasons you lose interest in a relationship so easily

Define what you want and try as best as possible to work towards it, never derail because of anything so as not to regret. If you respect yourself men will also respect you, don't let your demands be abnormal so that he will not do the abnormal with you

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Play Not With The Feelings Of A Woman That Loves You

October 20, 2017

Unlike the men, when a woman loves you she is committed to you whole-heartedly, she is ready to go  any length just for you alone.

When she loves you, no matter the circumstances, she will always stay with you because the love is unconditional in the first place.

It is not in the amount of money you have nor your looks and neither is it the size of your manhood.

You find out that even in your weakness they find strength, and they do all it takes to keep you to themselves alone not minding the cost.

The only condition for this kind of woman is for the man to stay completely loyal in order not to provoke her loyalty.

This kind of woman can also go any length to destroy any man once they notice his disloyalty

They don't care if what they will do to him will lead to eternal poverty for their family, all they know is that when you don't have the resources to maintain the relationship you are building with those ladies outside your marriage you will stop messing around

See: Facts in a Relationship

Especially when she was completely supportive when there was nothing till you conquered nothingness.
In short, they are capable of killing you if proper steps are not taken, she doesn't know when she is reacting but her eyes will be crystal clear after the result.

It is better to just stay loyal to a loving wife except if agreed otherwise due to reasons best known to you.

If it is a curse for you to run after other girls it is advisable you are smart about it, the day she out smart you is the end because a woman that don't even care about what you do outside your relationship can destroy you let alone the one that is completely devoted

See: Reasons you lose interest in a relationship so easily

Accepted that she will only have to cope with your mistake in case you put a woman in the family way, but it will not be easy to calm her to accept the reality.
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Anger Can Ruin Relationship

October 20, 2017

Anger is something that is part of human existence.
So many things and so many people can get you angry but you need to learn to control your reaction towards the annoyance.

As i earlier said that anger is part of life, it is one of those things that makes human to be human.

In fact, every man posses the trait of anger even a child
At a point in time, one's spouse might get one to be angry but it is a must one learn not to over react so as not to make the situation worsen.

You shouldn't expect that someone you love, someone you cherish, someone that all your life evolve around will not get you angry.

In such case, all you need to do is to just keep calm as your annoyance may even cause you to say what you shouldn't have said to your spouse or partner.

When you are angry your system will not recognise anyone especially if the cause of the anger is from the one you love

The best thing to do when you are angry is to think about your good times with your spouse. This will make you overcome the anger if the person that caused the anger is not helping you to get over it either by begging, petting or any other way.

See: Facts in a Relationship

Also, you must learn to give your spouse some breathing space when he or she is angry.
We are humans, we are meant to be angry at one point or the other. If you try all your best possible to ease him or her of the anger and all is proving abortive, just try giving them little time to be alone.

At times, when you are trying to make him or her get over the anger, it just gets aggravated which may lead to an unwanted and unexpected reaction.

There are some people that are naturally prone to anger and can do anything strange when they are angry. Once you know that your spouse falls in that category, just make sure you leave them to themselves once they are angry

This kind of people, there is nothing you can do to ease them of the anger, it will just be like adding petrol to fire.

This kind of people will calm down when the time is due. In fact, they will feel ease with your disappearance which will make them calm down. They will come to you themselves after they might have regained peace within themselves.

Learn to know your partner more when he or she is angry so as to know your reaction towards making them feel at ease especially during their negative mood.

See: What the 21st century woman wants

Learn to know what makes him or her angry and try as best as possible to get him/her over the anger.

Learn not to over-react when you are angry if you cherish your relationship /home so as not to make your relationship short-lived, as it has caused death in some homes and unnecessary divorce in some other homes as well
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